Being a full service video production company being dedicated to creating an end product that not only meets expectations, but produces results. It means building brands, empowering innovation and facilitating creativity through a talented team of individuals.


We are one of the most reliable film production companies in India to provide video direction services. Our team always updated with new technology and provides pre-production, production, and post-production services.With our excellent and well-skilled team, it becomes easy to create a video that drives the attention of the audience.

Video Production

As we are the best filmmakers. We provide you with a variety of video productions services and deliver the best videos to our clients. The video quality is high and budget-friendly.We are always ready to work with new clients and give them a fruitful result.

Wedding Photogrphy

Capturing a genuine moment without having the subject to pose for it is an art; an art that is a challenge to get right. It’s about capturing the emotion of a moment and not just the moment itself. Also, moments are fleeting and they go by in a wink. Candid Photography is not everyone’s cup of tea but the team at ‘What a Beginning’ is an absolute expert.

Post Production

Our Post-Production Services consist of a full staff of technicians and a complete range of facilities and equipment providing all resources necessary for cinema, offline/online editing, and sound design. Separately, we have a team of artists and technicians comprising our CG/ DI Division providing in-house support for our producers in CGI, DI and VFX needs.

Photo Editing

We as a Photo Editing Company are dedicated to ensuring these through trendsetting photo editing services, image masking and photo retouching services. We believe in making things beautiful with wholeness, harmony and radiance without any loss of image detail.


we believe that the creation of an advertising film is an intricate combination of good storytelling, visually appealing cinematography, prominent product/service visibility and the dovetailing of entertainment and information to create high levels of brand recall.

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